Kenneth K. Beckmann started making violins in 1979. He opened the Beckmann Violin Shop in the Kansas City area in 1989. He continues to garnish critical acclaim for his instruments from both professional performers and teachers alike. Major influences on Beckmann's work include his study of violin restoration with the renowned Vahakn Nigogosian, and his association with Amos Hargrave. Prior to opening the Beckmann Violin Shop, Kenneth worked at the Amati Violin Shop in Houston and the Schuback Violin Shop in Portland, Oregon, under Peter Shaw and Paul Schuback. Beckmann's instruments have won numerous awards at the Violin Society of America's International Competitions. A listing of these awards can be found on the Awards page. Ken is a member of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers.

"My influence in violin making comes from my association with many fine makers. My participation in the violin making workshop at Oberlin College has been one of the great experiences in my career. It was at Oberlin that I was introduced to Francois Denis’ work on proportional design, the method in which instruments are drawn using geometric techniques from the Renaissance rather than copying the outlines of existing instruments. I was fortunate to be able to further my knowledge through intensive study with Francois and a small group of makers from Europe and the U.S. For me this method provides an avenue toward creating a unique instrument while still embracing the classical traditions of violin making."

     ~ Ken Beckmann